How to Deploy Mortar in PUBG?

Are you looking to bring some explosive firepower to your PUBG gameplay? Look no further than the mighty Mortar! This powerful weapon is a game-changer, capable of raining down destruction upon your enemies from a distance. We’ll show you how to unlock and deploy the Mortar in PUBG, along with tips for maximizing its potential. Get ready to unleash chaos and turn the tide of battle in your favor! So grab your gear, strap in tight, and let’s dive into the world of mortar warfare in PUBG!

What is Mortar in PUBG?

What exactly is this Mortar that we’re talking about? Well, in PUBG, the Mortar is a powerful artillery weapon designed to strike targets from a long range. It’s not your typical run-and-gun style weapon; instead, it requires some strategic planning and careful positioning.

The Mortar consists of two main components: the mortar tube and the base plate. The tube is used to launch explosive shells into the air, while the base plate provides stability during firing. Together, they create a deadly combination that can devastate enemy positions.

One of the key features of the Mortar is its ability to fire projectiles at high angles, allowing you to rain down destruction on enemies hiding behind cover or inside buildings. This makes it an excellent choice for flushing out campers or breaking up entrenched defenses.

To use the Mortar effectively, you’ll need to calculate both distance and angle before taking your shot. Timing is crucial as well since there’s a delay between firing and impact. It takes practice and patience to become proficient with this formidable weapon.

So why should you bother with deploying a Mortar in PUBG? Well, imagine being able to take out multiple enemies with just one well-placed shell! The sheer satisfaction of seeing your foes scatter in panic as explosions rock their surroundings cannot be understated.

Using a Mortar can also give you a significant tactical advantage on the battlefield. By creating chaos and forcing opponents into defensive positions, you can dictate the flow of battle and seize control of key areas.

Now that we’ve introduced you to what exactly a Mortar is in PUBG let’s move on next section where we will discuss how unlock and acquire this devastating weapon! So stay tuned for more explosive tips coming right up!

Benefits of using Mortar

When it comes to gaining a strategic advantage in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), utilizing the mortar can be a game-changer. This powerful weapon offers several key benefits that can greatly enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of securing victory.

The mortar provides long-range firepower, allowing you to rain down explosive shells on enemy positions from a safe distance. This not only keeps you out of harm’s way but also allows you to target enemies who may be hiding behind cover or buildings. The ability to eliminate threats without putting yourself at risk is invaluable in intense combat situations.

The mortar can create chaos and disrupt enemy movements. By strategically deploying shells near high-traffic areas or chokepoints, you can force opponents to reposition or scatter, giving your team an opportunity for flanking maneuvers or regrouping.

Using mortars effectively requires precise calculations and coordination with teammates. This promotes teamwork and communication skills among squad members as they work together to accurately aim and time their shots.

The psychological impact of mortar strikes cannot be underestimated. The sound of shells crashing down around enemies is enough to cause panic and confusion, potentially leading them into making mistakes or revealing their positions.

Harnessing the power of mortars in PUBG offers numerous advantages such as long-range firepower, disruption tactics against opponents’ movements, fostering teamwork among squad members, and creating psychological pressure on adversaries.

How to unlock and acquire Mortar?

Unlocking and acquiring Mortar in PUBG can be an exciting challenge for players looking to add a powerful weapon to their arsenal. To begin the process, players must first reach level 50 in the Survivor Pass: Pajama Party. This exclusive pass rewards dedicated players with various unlockables, including the coveted Mortar.

Once you’ve reached level 50, head over to the Survivor Pass menu and claim your well-deserved reward. The Mortar will then become available for use in your inventory during matches.

It’s important to note that while unlocking Mortar may require some time and effort, it is definitely worth it. This devastating weapon can turn the tide of battle when used strategically. Its long-range capabilities allow you to rain down explosive shells on unsuspecting enemies from a safe distance.

So, whether you prefer playing defensively or aggressively, having Mortar at your disposal gives you a significant advantage on the battlefield. Mastering its deployment requires practice and precision but once mastered, it can be a game-changer in any situation.

Remember though, like any other powerful tool in PUBG, there are limitations and risks associated with using Mortar effectively. It has a limited ammunition capacity which means you need to choose your shots wisely.

Utilizing cover and staying hidden while deploying mortar is crucial as it announces your position loudly through sound cues that nearby enemies can pick up on quickly.

By understanding these challenges and implementing smart strategies such as coordinating with teammates or using diversion tactics before unleashing mortar fire upon enemies’ positions; one can maximize their chances of success when wielding this mighty weapon!

Unlocking Mortar adds an exciting dimension to gameplay by providing players with a devastating long-range artillery option that can turn the tide of battle if deployed correctly! So keep grinding those levels in Survivor Pass: Pajama Party until you reach level 50 – trust us; it’s worth every moment spent!

Tips for Deploying Mortar in PUBG

1. Choose the Right Location: When deploying mortar, it’s important to find a strategic location that offers a clear line of sight to your targets. Look for high ground or elevated positions that provide a better vantage point. Additionally, try to avoid heavily populated areas as they may attract unwanted attention.

2. Communicate with Your Squad: Coordination is key when using mortar in PUBG. Make sure to communicate effectively with your squadmates and inform them about your intended targets and plans. This will help maximize the effectiveness of the mortar strikes and minimize friendly fire incidents.

3. Time Your Strikes Wisely: Timing is crucial when deploying mortar in PUBG. Pay close attention to the circle movements and use this information to predict where enemy players might be positioned. By timing your strikes correctly, you can catch opponents off guard and disrupt their gameplay.

4. Adjust for Distance and Wind: Remember that mortars have a certain range limit, so make sure you adjust accordingly based on your target’s distance from your location. Also, take into account wind direction as it can affect the trajectory of the shells.

5. Stay Mobile: While using mortars can be advantageous, don’t forget that staying stationary makes you an easy target for enemies who spot smoke trails or hear explosions nearby. Keep moving after each strike to avoid getting pinned down by counterattacks.

6. Utilize Smoke Grenades: To divert attention while setting up or repositioning your mortar, consider throwing smoke grenades near your location or potential enemy sightlines.

Remember these tips when deploying mortars in PUBG! They will help increase efficiency and improve overall gameplay experience.

Best Locations to Use Mortar

When it comes to using the mortar in PUBG, choosing the right location can make or break your strategy. The mortar is a powerful weapon that can rain down devastation on your enemies, but its effectiveness depends greatly on where you choose to deploy it.

One of the best locations to use the mortar is in open areas with limited cover. This allows you to target enemies who are out in the open and have nowhere to hide from your explosive shells. Fields, hillsides, and clearings are all great options for setting up your mortar.

Another excellent location is near high-value targets such as supply drops or heavily fortified positions. By placing your mortar within range of these objectives, you can apply intense pressure on any enemy forces trying to secure them.

Urban environments also provide unique opportunities for using the mortar effectively. Positioning yourself on rooftops or balconies gives you a vantage point from which you can rain down destruction on unsuspecting opponents below. Just be sure to watch out for enemy snipers who may try to take you out before you have a chance to strike.

Consider setting up near chokepoints or narrow pathways where enemies are likely to pass through. By exploiting their predictable movements, you can maximize the impact of each shell and potentially wipe out entire squads with well-placed shots.

Remember, adaptability is key when deciding where to use the mortar. Stay aware of changing circumstances during gameplay and adjust your position accordingly for maximum effectiveness. 


Mortar in PUBG is a powerful weapon that can turn the tide of battle. Its long-range capabilities and destructive force make it a valuable asset for any player looking to gain an advantage. By unlocking and acquiring Mortar, players can add a new dimension to their gameplay.

Using Mortar effectively requires careful planning and strategy. It’s important to consider the best locations to deploy Mortar, taking into account the terrain and proximity to enemy positions. Additionally, understanding the challenges involved in using Mortar will help players overcome obstacles and maximize its potential.

With practice and experience, deploying Mortar in PUBG can become second nature. Players who master this skill will have a significant edge over their opponents on the battlefield.

So gear up, unlock your Mortar, strategize your deployments, and rain havoc upon your enemies with this devastating weapon! Happy gaming!

How to Deploy Mortar in PUBG?
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