Mirage Online Classic

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An MMORPG truly made to run on any computer at any time.

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Mirage Online Classic




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Retrelon Games LLC


Retrelon Games LLC

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Jump into a constantly evolving 2D world inspired by the 2001 MMO Mirage Online. In this updated "classic" version, you can play as one of 6 different classes and explore the world collecting your loot and fighting mosters either on PC via Steam or a browser. The game encourages player feedback and incorporates that feedback into future development and maintains a low barrier of entry spec wise as almost any current PC will be able to run the game flawlessly.

Picking from over 30 subclasses, you'll explore over 20 dungeons on your adventure. Pick and mix your skills to give you the edge against the world's many monsters as you gear up and explore. Originally a casual project, Mirage Online Classic has evolved into a full HTML 5 Javascript powered engine.

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