World of Rune

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Explore a magical fantasy world in R2Games' latest 2D Browser MMORPG.

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World of Rune




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R2Games is back with another 2D browser based MMORPG for you to take anywhere you have access to an internet browser. World of Rune introduces 4 classes each with specialized skill sets into a anime-inspired fantasy world and tasks them with collecting pets along their journey and using those pets to help along the way.

Adding in a card collecting mechanic, the ability to partner up with other characters, PvP, and a charming, almost "old-school RPG" art style, World of Rune may be your next favorite time sink when you're out and about or chilling and watching your favorite streaming service.

As a new player, be sure to check out the numerous guides on the game's site to get you started. These videos provide helpful pet information, equipment, guild, and card tutorials, and more. Well worth checking out before you embark on your World of Rune journey!

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